Shamba shape-up: Nduthi Edition


Village Elder
This is a blow-by-blow account of work on a 1991 Honda Transalp V400.
Jua kali.
Bike belonged to a good friend and regular participator in the Rally Raid.
Brief: Full remake, custom decals and bespoke crash guards.

1. Before.
Pic taken after restoring broken fairings and matching the plastics from a 600cc version to the tank of a 400cc model.

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2. The take-down.
Bike all stripped down.

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3. Designing the crash guards.

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4. After buying pipes and getting them bent at Gikomba, then welding and a dry fit at the pig sty.

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5. Fine finishing: Filling weld joints and prepping for paint.

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6. The final product.

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7. The owner had me match the new paint to the colour of the saddle. Raw hide from a master craftsman in Laikipia. Brown skin.

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8. Fuel tank: Midway..

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9. Hand-cut custom decals.
The bike was renamed from Transalp to Transafro.

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10. In the meantime, the frame and engine needed some TLC.

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11. A little mechanical work, clean up and new paint to the frame.

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12. Fitting stage.

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13. Project complete.

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14. Safisha mecho na upskirt ya nduthi.

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Good stuff bro! Transalps are good work horses!