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  1. mbaweuwetom

    mbaweuwetom Village Elder

    nimetembea pale twitter and I see guys saying that shell service stations are selling adulterated fuel. how true is this and kuna yeyote a me experience hii maneno
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  2. M2Random

    M2Random Village Elder

    Cant confirm...but kuna siku niliweka V-power na hiyo mafuta iliisha haraka sana...felt conned.
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  3. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    Cant relate gari yangu ni futsubishi, i only need to eat well
  4. The_Virus

    The_Virus Village Elder

    I always fuel at Shell na sijaexperience any problems
  5. mbaweuwetom

    mbaweuwetom Village Elder

    nimeona nikama money has been poured kuharibia shell jina. as always team footstubishi pia wamekuwa wachanganuzi wa good fuel
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  6. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    Shell zote kwani ni za mtu moja ama Vevo energy can stoop that low.
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  7. blueline

    blueline Village Elder

    Vivo energy wewe
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  8. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

    Niliona some people empting their fuel tank claiming they had refuelled in Nakuru highway shell na gari ni ma miss tu after that
  9. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    tho. shell ya adams archade huwa na mafuta mbaya
  10. Walker

    Walker Village Elder

    I always prefer Shell to other Service Stations and have never experienced a hitch
  11. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    I have always fueled at shell am yet to experience some adulterated fuel .
  12. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    Corporate mudslinging is here with us full-swing thanks to competitive rivalry, con artists in the name of social media personalities and Kenyan's collective lack of wisdom to believe anything in the internet as fact.
  13. Guru

    Guru Village Elder

    Yes, it's true. Most of their licenses have been suspended or paid a fine to ERC.
    Most of She'll petroleum stations are private but Vivi energy isn't supervising the stations properly.
    Mafuta fuel either Total or National Oil (Gava)
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  14. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    Is it retardation or general autism to look forward to a bad experience?
  15. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    Nope, nothing is ever a 100% these businesses owned by ppl who are out to make a kill. never say never.
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  16. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    I've been using kobil and only today I realised white smoke from my exhaust like my pistons had elected a pope.
    Mercedes-Benz C180 1994 model.
    As for shell, never had an issue personally.
  17. M2Random

    M2Random Village Elder

    You must be old money...kasponsor fulani hivi loaded as fk...
  18. Shaka

    Shaka Village Elder

    I thought white stuff kwa exhaust means your car is burning coolant
  19. x-trail

    x-trail Village Elder

    Kwani hata siasa imeingia kwa biz ya mafuta
  20. Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes Village Elder

    Mimi ni kwingine nikiweka mafuta kama ya thao mbili inakaa kama ni soc tano. Sasa kwani nitakuwa nikitumia petrol station moja tu? Ama bei za county zingine ni tofauti.