Shinning some light

There's a guy I work who is a kadinye n mulevi kuruka and he wants to leave Nairobi for a job in KSM ,me I told him point blank hiyo ni kifo unatafuta,stay put in Nrb wea watu wako na mdudu ni wa chache. If you have a weakness dont expose yourself to dangerous environments. Hakuna mtu hana weakness the issue is how well you manage it and avoid environs which exarcebate your problem. Western and Nyanza sleeping around is too too much,its like kuna tuu pepo ya usherati in those areas,so if you already haave problems of womanizing in Nairobi ukienda huko my fren ,ni kama a fish in water, itabidi tuu ugonjwa ikushike. Kweli taking a person of loose morals to Nyanza/western is simply handing them a death sentence afadhali hata akae bila job
Kuwa serious. Kwani Nairobi hakuna ukimwi?
Kuwa serious. Kwani Nairobi hakuna ukimwi?
Hebu google the latest NASCOP HIV/AIDS survey uone the prevalence of HIV in Nairobi viz that in especially Nyanza, ndio utaelewa what I mean. If you sleep around in KSM your chances of catching the virus is exponentially higher than if you did it in Nrb. Also the culture in Nairobi isnt as promiscuous as the one in the places Ive mentioned.