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I have used kensom many times...they are good sometimes they deliver mpaka kwa nyumba...takes about a week by air or 3 months shipping for heavier stuff...the good thing Is that they don't charge for storage so I can accumulate my stash slowly and ship when the weight is economical enough...right now I'm shopping from IKEA offers on furniture and it's sent to their ware house when I'm ready I just email them to ship..they send me an invoice I go pay at their local bank...they will call me when the stuff ikifika ...either I pick it up or if it's bulky wataniketea kwa nyumba ...kwanza natafuta mini Morris nikipata I want to see whether they will be able to ship
#11 prices are much more pocket freindly the Kesom or Salihya.

I have used them before and they are really helpful and good deliver on 4 to 5 days. They have even delivered to my doorstep.

The charge on actual weight £3.99 per kilo and £19.99 handling charge and not this nonsense about volumetric weight.

Give then a call

Collections Nairobi

Nairobi - Office

Store No. 14

Yare business park

General Waruingi street

Eastleigh, Nairobi

PO. BOX 70207-00400

(former KBS Garage)

E -

T: +44(0)207 993 2763

T: + 254 (0) 722 355 378
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