Shocking list of mungikis killed to save uhuru frm ICC

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By ICC Prosecutor.
Here is the list of youth KILLED/murdered in a mopping operation to conceal the planning of retaliatory attacks by Mungiki in Naivasha and Nakuru. The families of the these persons has granted permission to ICC to publish the names.

The ICC says the names are those of Mungiki youths who were sent to Naivasha and Nakuru to kill Kalenjin, Luo and ODM allied tribes in the 2007. ”From the beginning of peace negotiations and the signing of the peace accord, the Mungiki youths who participated, or had knowledge of the planning and execution of PEV were killed in a mopping operation” reads part of the secret brief by ICC prosecutor.

They were killed in order to conceal any evidence that PEV was planned by top people in Kibaki government. The names have been made public by the ICC prosecutor after Judges ruled that OTP can release all sensitive secret evidence against president Uhuru. mungiki1.jpg mungiki2.jpg
Titus Nyamu, George Otieno Odhiambo, James Navecho, Davis Mugaka, Naftali Osiemo, Jared Osolo, Clement Ntabo, and a lady Jane wamaitha,
Mungiki never recruited from outside the mount Kenya region, ie (GEMA), this just tells you the list is full of bull crap, the icc does not have a clue of what its saying

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theres a place in kenya known as 'tortured by police' another 'arrested outside the high court' 'beaten by police' 'elibagon' ???
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