Shooting incident at Tudor


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IMG_4408.JPG IMG_4409.JPG IMG_4410.JPG Its alleged that Fareed Hisham, Jubilee's Coast Coordinator bodyguard has been shot dead hapo Tudor. Its still not very clear whether its the bodyguard or another person associated with Hashim. Story still developing. @Meria Mata correspondents wako wametuma details? UPDATE, The guy is alive, bullet dislodged at the hospital. LAST UPDATE, the guy slumped on the seat is a clearing agent, he's dead, the politician's bodyguard was hit by one of the stray bullets. Final copy to appear in your screen
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Less than 200 meters from home. Most of this clearing guys don't play clean in deals. Considering they stole nothing, this is most definitely an assassination.
I was recently warned about these clearing agents,they come across to me as bullies and leeches