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I would like to introduce everybody to a business representative from Kentex Cargo to offer some insight and assistance about the process of shipping goods from abroad.Please welcome @Kentex Cargo and ask relevant questions about the topic.
Thank you for the mention. Basically what we do is to enable Kenyans get anything from USA to Kenya, either by air or by sea. The commonest questions we get are as follows:
  1. What is your air shipping cost and how long does it take? Cost depends on total weight and colume of goods shipped. The heavier the cheaper. The bulkier the more expensive it is. Once we receive your items from the seller like amazon, we will deliver your items within 10 business days.
  2. How much do you charge sea shipping and how long does it take? Our cost is $28/Cubic foot but price can decrease if you have high volumes. We also offer shared container packages for domestic goods. All costs quoted are inclusive of duties to the door. Example, 1 Foot in a 40 foot container costs $1200. If you need more than 1 foot, we can customize for you

    It takes about 8 weeks once the container is put on a vessel. We prefer under-promising and over delivering

  3. How do I order items from Amazon or other USA websites? Simple send us your order or just inbox me. We are insured, well funded and bonded. We can order most items for you and pay locally.
  4. Are you genuine? Yes we are. We have never lost an item. We pride ourselves with 100% delivery rate.
  5. Do you have physical location/office in Kenya? Yes we do. We have sea freight warehouse along Mombasa road, opposite airport entrance. We also have offices at corner house and Westland
  6. Do you ship Tractors? Yes we do. Just let us know where it is located. We advice you contact us before purchasing one in the USA. We might give you helpful tips.
  7. Do you ship Mituba (used clothes)? Yes do. We can even help you with outsourcing, paperwork, shipping, clearing and delivery to you.
  8. Which city are you located? We are located in Dallas Texas and we also have warehouses in Houston, Texas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Memphis Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. We'll soon be opening collection agencies in Boston & San Jose, California. We however can arrange sea shipping from all contagious 48 states
I will try my best to answer any questions you may have.

NB: We ship by sea items for orphans and disabled for Free up to 10 Cubic Feet. Something good for underprivileged in our communities. So if you are blessed and you can put a disabled person on a wheelchair, just let us know. We'll help you buy and ship it for FREE to them. Same with orphanages
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@Kentex Cargo KEBS published a new requirement that any imports must have a certificate of conformity. My question is, when shemales order vibrating dragon dildos does it mean kebs has a bench mark on quality? Explain tafasary.
It's fairly not a big deal to get COC on most products. However some items cannot be practically declared individually. It's has affected the Mitubas and unfortunately, even those selling mitubas here do not know much about medical certification, etc the government is asking for.
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