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  1. Mombasa

    Mombasa Village Elder

    I have seen people saying how their cars vibrate on idle. Mine does the same but it's because I have adjusted above from +25% to -12.5%.

    The vibrations may not necessarily be due to engine problems, it maybe due to fuel trim ratios.

    Mine is a 2003 corolla nze
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  2. mukuna

    mukuna Village Elder

    kimalel alituambia pia shell vpower inaleta hio shida
  3. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Village Elder

    Kama hio vibration huisha ukikanyaga accelerator kiasi tu then mostly inaesa kua idling iko down
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  4. Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes Village Elder

    If not spark plug, mostly bad air/fuel ratio sensor if idling rpm is low. broken engine mount could also cause take off vibration.
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  5. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    Check also your PCV valve (Permanent Crankcase Ventilator).
    When it's dirty, it has a tendency to cause that.
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