Should i purchase Second hand or New Matatu


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True. It also demands a Wakanyama-type personality, mtu kichwa ngumu design fulani who is ready to fight it out with cops, makangas, mechanics and whoever comes between him and his $$. In short, haitakangi mtu sio street-smart ama mtu softie.
Ukikuja na ii ujinga kwa matatu business kwanza 33 ama 37seater utakufa juu ya stress.Plus matatu hupick tu ikiwa mpya,nganya ingine kali ikiland yako inageuka kubebea kwa shimo haiezi enda mlengo sana


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If you have thought about it, get the advice but DO IT. Just DO IT. I was in this business sometimes back, so lets start;

1. Buy a new Matatu. With a new vehicle, you cut off those heartbreaking calls, that your vehicle broke down( ooh, sijui clutch, engine etc) by 80-90%. A new mat has less mechanical faults compared to an old one. Drivers wont lie and call you claiming your vehicle delayed them so hesabu haijaingia etc
2. Find a GOOD driver. DON'T just hire anyone (crooks, relatives, pedophiles all should keep off). Let them know your set of rules and abide by them. mambo ya overlapping apambane nayo.
3. PIMP your ride. Pimping though hated by some old people, is one of the best mode of advertising your mat. It will be easy to get your full amount due to pimped ride compared to the one without..
4. Get all documents and paper work ready for your vehicle. Abiding by law keeps off your vehicle getting abushed by those rougue police. This is something most of kenyans fail to understand.
5. SERVICE your vehicle often. Treat your vehicle as you would treat your wife.
6. Final and the most kenyan thing-CONNECTIONS. Search for a POWERFUL Godfather (can be a senior most traffic officer, gavana etc) in your route and agree with him how much he would receive at the end of the month. This will keep of those police who would harass you regardless of your vehicle's standards.

Additional notes; you must be flexible in case you get those dreaded calls. No need to get a manager for a single car..atakukula baya. Get one if you think you have understood the business well though and you feel like you need to delegate.

7. Enjoy profits.


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Don't dare,my father developed diabetes due to this business, almost went bankrupt at some point,,if you must nunua tractor,its way much better


Give it a try,you might do it differently.Lakini there is no way you are going to be in control of the matatu