Shugri Bagri deng deng played in an NBA game but Kenyan Radio stations still wont Play Kenyan Music

If we wont support our own, who will? Kenyan radio stations playing us Naija and Bongo music yet we have lots of good songs in kenya. This Kenyan Dj who is the official Dallas Mavericks DJ has been really promoting kenyan songs over there but Jalango will write a million essays telling us he is not incharge of selection of songs for his own fucking show, kwani he is paid a million bob salary to be controlled like a puppet?

@patco once had a thread comparing a colonel Mustapha song to a similar bongo song, Moustapha was considered a flop but the bongo guys were a hit. we need to support own first before supporting the trash from Nigeria or TZ
Song inaitwa 'Position',
Nice song



Shida na hiyo song ni gani? Very Good song

Armin Van Buuren had this song last year and it was a massive hit with 100million streams on spotify and lots of DJ's used to play it on their sets. Song iko na 200 million view on Youtube so between it na hii umeweka gani kali?


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