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America that is.
No wonder some coons here have wholesome capitulated, surrendered as the comply to be defiled by a shytststem they praise in fear. Spirit enslavement


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Sijaona but I imagine it's more blacks looking for pity and playing the victim and begging for handouts from well wishers.

And at they tail end they will find a way to blame Trump for all the suffering. :D:D


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Coon Comply and Confirm
Stop resisting
They had a black President for 8 YEARS and now the lie is that Biden will change "the system"...:rolleyes:

The same Biden and Kamala who jailed thousands of blacks.

Trump's proposal was very simple. He was proposing like a businessman, what if I give you $500 billion in govt investments will you stop selling drugs and try legit businesses?

Because that is really the only way to beat drug trade. You fight money with money!

Remember Obama refused reparations or even business loans to the black communities.

But alas wameambia Trump aende ajidinye na hio pesa yake.