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When uhuru talked in public about fighting corruption many here said he wanted to leave a legacy.
One guy working in kra got his assets freezed but after 2 months he is cleared of any corruption and he has hit the ground running. He bought land worth 15m and built this resort which is now back in operation.
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Don't steal chicken you will be jailed for a long time


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Oldoiyo lengai in karatina has been in operation for over five years. am i missing something?
ilikuwa imefungwa in the wake of the NYS II scandal
Edit. There was a rumour it was listed as proceeds of corruption and therefore an asset to be recovered.
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Niko ceremony fulani huku mashinani mpaka two pm hivi. After that Starbucks another two hours. Mwenyeji atokee Hall ninunue chupa mbili.