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I have signed the petition and I will actively campaign for it, we need to deal with nonsense once and for all. If this is what will rid us of Raila then I'm all for it 100%.


Village Elder
Dr David Ndii has not committed any offence by expressing his view or opinion as regard the right to self determination or cessation by communities in this country who feel that they have been subjugated or unfairly dominated or isolated by two communities who appear to have conspired to make the position of President of Kenya to be their divine right, which must be kept within their orbit and only alternate between them alone by all means from 1963 hitherto. I agree with Ndii's opinion in its entirety that if constitutional means in incapable of dismantling this unholy alliance manifested by these forces of status quo then extra constitutional means are allowed, acceptable, fair and just as long as they succeed to restore order in society. Constitutions are not absolutely supreme. Constitutions are supreme if they are in tandem with the interest of the public or the entire people it is supposed to guide. Constitutions are varied, changed or cast if they are deemed, flaunted or cannot protect the people who promulgated them. It is for this reasons that even great legal scholars have noted that constitutions are not final. Professor Hans Kelsin in his celebrated work 'Theory of Law' subjected the constitution under the grand norm in the hierarchy of laws. Kelsen propounded that the grand norm or a revolutionary legal order is superior to the constitution when it successfully replaces the constitution and brings about a new order of management of public affairs. This theory by Kelsen was or has been proved right and continuous to be proved right by several successful extra constitutional changes around the world, and he (Kelsen) was never arrested for this legal wit of letters. Why then arrest Dr Ndii who is a political philosopher in his right for his genius about self determination of the discriminated or marginalized communities in the presidential political power arrangement in Kenya? It is intolerance of highest order to arrest citizens for expressing their freedom of thought on the real political injustices bedeviling them. Cheers. #shared.