Silicon Valley's online slave market documentary

A tale as old as time.. Slavery is part of human culture, it will NEVER end.. As long as there is a civilization, there will ALWAYS be a SLAVE-CLASS.

Wacha niangalie hii story ya slavery from an African perspective.

The interesting thing about slavery is that it overwhelmingly targets Africans i.e the negroid race. Everything the negroid race does seems to propagate and perpetuate slavery.. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans sold their fellow Africans to slave traders.. In modern times, Africans are being enslaved via resource extraction, providing unskilled labour kama maids, being second-grade citizens in their own country (look at Gigiri) just to mention a few.

In Kenya, for instance, tuangalie hii story ya Chinese loans in Kenya.. Due to corruption and mismanagement of funds, the Kenyan population will be indebted to China for the next 40 or so years. What does this mean, a Chinese individual will be more valued in Kenya than a Kenyan citizen... This is currently the case for European nationals in Kenya.. As they say, debt is modern-day slavery.

To conclude, huwa nasema the negroid race is destined to be enslaved till the end of time.. It's as if we are neanderthals and other races are homo-sapiens..

NB: I don't hate Africans, I'm just looking at data and history alike to come to my conclusions. But corruption in Kenya and other African states simply vindicates my hypothesis, our leaders steal the future of their OWN people; who then have no choice other than becoming enslaved to other races

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