Simba one at state house


“Even if you are so stupid, ask yourself something: The people elected an MCA, results were transmitted, and no one asked questions.
Those of MPs and senators were transmitted,and no one asked questions and they have been sworn in."

“Those of governors were transmitted, no one asked questions. Now how do four people and wake up and say there was a technicality in the transmission of the results of the President only?"

How?” asked President Kenyatta at State House when he met Jubilee Party and allied parties governors and members of the county assemblies.

“The Supreme Court sat and decided that they are the ones with a bigger power than the 15 million Kenyans who woke up, queued in lines,and voted for their preferred presidential candidate. As a Supreme Court, they cannot annul the wishes of the people. And we will revisit this thing,” he said.

He went on: “Look me in the eye and see that me being desirous of people living in peace does not in any mean I am coward. We are not.” Said.C in C...

On the other hand Ruto said,

“When this is done, we shall interrogate everything, how a Supreme Court overturned the will of Kenyans on the basis of things that have nothing to do with how they voted, on some technicality. Hiyo ni upuzi (That is stupidity),”

“We want to tell you this: We won the election fair and square. And we are unapologetic about it. We will not succumb to any intimidation from the court to forego our win. We won,”

“It is not the Supreme Court that is supreme. It is the Kenyan people that are,” said Mr Ruto.

“We have been down this road before. This time,We will not. We have no time to change the IEBC.You accepted the results of the other elective seats in an election that was managed by this same IEBC. Get ready for an election, and Raila,see you at the ballot,” said President Kenyatta.
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kah tony

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They should atop complaining. I said the only way to send Raila home is to have water tight election. Seems that the water tight wasn't tight enough to convince him.

We are paying for mediocre procedures.

We cannot be election weary, it is something I've heard a lot of people say. We have to come out this time again and give the guy a resounding loss.



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Seems that the water tight wasn't tight enough to convince him.
Yes it wasn't watertight. Preventing leakages will allow the real leader to emerge! the loser must be ready to admit defeat..I haven't heard Uhuru say that he will accept defeat if he loses. We want a flawless election.


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For those who believe it was fair, we slept at laikipia county 130k + wives only for our candidate to get 30 k.
Nasioni mtu akilipa fare aende.

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Round this pia sisi tutalala polling station na ku make sure izo form 34 zinawekwa stamp na signature zote....tuko rada round this