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There are people stuck in a time warp. E.P.'s. Enemies of Progress. On the other hand....leaders get booed everywhere. It ain't nuthin'
For a president to be booed, that comes with the territory.

What annoys me is that Uhuru has not visited my village of Kijabe, BUT HAS VISTIED KISUMU SIX TIMES, yet he expects me to vote for him unfailingly in 2017.

Atembee Lari ama pia sisi tumteme.......................


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I wouldn't scream to boo some leader, my medicine would be to not vote for that leader again if he's caused misery for the citizens. Especially if I had evidence for the alleged crime. I wouldn't shout at another leader just because my leader incited me to, I'm not a puppet.


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Stop blaming RAO, may be he had nothing to do with this. Rao has henchmen in Luo Nyanza..watu kama ule governor Ranguma may have organised these crowds to heckle Uhuru w/o Rao knowing. The same vile Sonko can organize a group of youths to heckle Raila, will u blame Uhuru on that? think about it
IMO, Uhuru must be a slow-learner. Unapeleka maneno ya NYS na Waiguru Kisumu, alafu unaexpect? Intelligence na the planners of this tour did not help a thing. At worst, I expect Uhuru to know that it is only realistic to steer off such topics.

Alafu unatumia siasa kuambia watu ati siasa haisaidii. Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii, kwani unadhani watu wengine wote ni wajinga?

If I were him, I'd fire those who organized this tour. But I'd also be mad at myself for not reading the mood. Does that even make sense?


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Congratulations to Kisumu youth.The illegitimate president must know he is not welcome in CORD zones.
Chief...illegitimate? Sawa..but remember every decision he makes affects those youth who heckled him and the men behind organizing the heckling shall not allow
the fact that his presidency (according to you) is illegitimate or he's from a different tribe affect their economic relationship with him......is it proper to heckle or to
aggressively agitate for change of the Government's way of doing things?


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It is stupidity and arrogance that leads men to expect to be loved by all. Even in this tiny village everyone has a nemesis. Shit-wash is shit-wash. If your kids(read C.S) steals, your household looks suspicious.
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