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Some single mothers are hard working and don't need men to survive, they have adapted and are doing good for themselves. As a woman with a kid, she has to make peace with the fact that most men are not ready to slave for children that aren't theirs, which makes perfect sense. It is obvious she is at rockbottom financially and she thinks that a man is the ultimate answer to her financial woes. Most marriages with single mothers are based on financial reasons by the woman, not emotional reasons. Achangamkie kazi kama wanawake wengine, being a single mother is not being disabled.


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My workmates are busy calling her ako mteja. Salala. The world is ending! Si aitishe tuu pesa! This one will be given a plot and a phone and a free holiday by Samantha Bridal. Wanaume you see what you're doing to your kid when you leave your baby momma stranded?
Typical blonde mentality! Blame men for everything.

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Back in shags my neighbour had a farmhand who was from nyahururu. He had a friend who frequently visited him and was around 34 years and was desperately looking for a wife. He hand 10 acres of land that was near a river and couldn't tend all of it alone. So he promised us whoever would help him get a wife will be awarded 2 acres alime for five years. I saw the opportunity and tried my best but to my surprise no single mother was ready to relocate from town, and no one was willing to do farming. This area nowadays you can grow anything including apples, oranges and pineapples. The man was ready to sell 3 acres ajenge na apate capital ya kulima but no one wanted to go mashinani. Then one agreed and as i thought now nimepata ka shamba woe unto me, aliambiwa waende vct msichana akakataa na hivyo ndivyo nilikaukanga.
Most single moms are beyond help and want an easy life
I agree with you. They are beyond redemption. I know of one that insisted waende na mtoi honeymoon majuu badala awache mtoi with a relative. She was dumped and the dude married another woman.