Single mums

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It is easy to condemn but the number of irresponsible men has also increased. Hawa watu wa kukaa base yet they have families leaving the whole burden to women. So many sissy boys around who cannot take charge of their homes.


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I understand the issue of men running away, but what I detest is a man being willing to play a part in the life of the kid but the chic refuses just because she wants the man to take her in as a wife first of all; so the kid becomes her valuable chip. If by mistake I make you pregnant that does not mean I SHOULD marry you. The well being of the Kid will be my utmost priority not your social standing of being called Mrs. SO and SO.


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ALL single mothers then step mothers are full of shit.

Ati kuogopa that started(if it exists) way back in primo class ikifanya reshuffling alafu unaambiwa deski yako ni msichana nilikuwa naskia kujinyonga.


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there's another aspect people ignore that has been on the rise. most women esp. 25-30 yrs think that its 'fashion' to have a baby kwanza maternal instincts zikikick in. they get a guy, commit too soon and get intentionally pregnant. All this while the guy hasn't even decided that he wants to see the chic in the next month. when the guy decides to bail or gets another better opportunity, the mamas are left bitter blaming all men on earth for their dilemma.
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