Singo fadhas

What's even funnier is that one time my kyuk friend called me and started that Jango accent but I couldn't reciprocate bcz a Jango who has that accent was next to me. We tried the kyuk accent but the Luo one was the killer kwanza that sharp breath they draw, my friend kills it.
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I would pee on myself. I have Wesdern friends who speak to me in a Kyuk/Engl accent wakishrub so hilarious. But they also speak v good Kyuk.
How do men who get married with kids ensure that their bastards are well behaved and don't bring stress to their new partner, since they are prone to saying wanaonewa if the step mother tries to instill discipline in a hitherto unruly child who has been used to doing what they want to do with out consequences and parental discipline ama wenu mumewatupia nyanya zao? I've seen a post in the womanosphere about a woman leaving a single dad bcz his kid is ungovernable. Wale mumeza nje ya ndoa how do you balance your new wife and your kids borne outside marriage.
Meru and Luhya women leave the bastards with the fathers.. Gikuyu and other women go with them...