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  1. Blacks4Trump

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    Betty and Kimani were a young loving couple. They met in unusual way , not like many couples do. They met when Betty had a flat tire on Thika Road Highway in the middle of the night. Kimani helped Betty change the Tire and exchange contacts. They dated for 3months and started living together.Kimani bought a house in Thome estate near his parents house. After 1 year of their relationship the couple was blessed with a baby girl "Mishi". The young family was struck by bad luck . While the Kimani's were soundly asleep , their house was on fire. Kimani woke up and run to the baby's room, took the baby out and ran outside. As Kimani was holding the baby standing outside he saw neighbours coming to help. He placed his daughter on the grass and ran back to the house to help his wife Betty. The fire had engulfed the whole house. Kimani ran to his bedroom window and broke the window using DSTV satellite dish and pulled Betty out of the house. Kimani was praised by the neighbors and local Kenyan Television. Betty and her Daughter were taken to the hospital for check up. Kimani's house was offered to live at his parents house with his family. Kimani was to sleep on the sofa and his wife and daughter were to sleep in Kimani's old bedroom................
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    You wasted my time. I hope you get molested by homeless people.

    I'll leave now.
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    wapi jamaa wa kiti
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    KETI PALE NV-------------------------------------------->Na huku hakunanga hekaya nusu MEFFI!!!!!!
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    NVs allover ,,@Deorro ebu weka kichungi kwa KT kiingilio pliz
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    Kwani hutaki ktalk igrow?
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    Kuna kugrow na kuambukizwa...
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    Class 4 composition or what?Anyway enjoy your midterm break !
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    Hekaya za utoto... Who here can keep anticipating, or logging in just to if you've continued?
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    NV hii hekaya inakaa composition ya mtoi wa @introvert yule ako class 2
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    Kindergarten 2.
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    Nani ameita mwenzake NV?
  18. Blacks4Trump

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    Own goal . Pia wewe pia ni NV
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    Haya mayai ya admean inakaa imeatamiwa na @Adeudeu .
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