18+ Sleepover with a Lanye

How do you entertain each other in between sessions? Do you feed them?
They are human beings. You might find some are more intelligent than yourself ni shida ama doing it for fun or to rebel against simething or ndio amepata freedom from kufungiwa. A while back while doing my post grad, i met one who ended up doing for me my research assignments. We still good buddies to date
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I think it's very subjective. You can't pick a sj hoodrat and take to your house.

On the other hand there are these semi pros or even university and college gals you can take to eat slowly and even get them to do house chores before you pay them few coins and dispatch them.

The main challenge is how to judge character. Some may come and after two shots claim they are tired. Sleep till morning and then demand 3k from @Agwambo , while threatening fire and Brimstone if he doesn't pay.