Small things easily done but I find them very hard, if not impossible, for me to do


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Sisemi kukimbia a hundred metres in lightning speed kama Hussain Bolt. Ama dribbling or juggling a ball kama Ronaldinho. Hapana.

1. Some Maasai men will jump 3 feet high vertically and from a standstill position. They have several attributes not observed on other tribes, but this jumping ability just astounds me. Ingekua ni wazungu hii ingekua a discipline among other jumps in competitive games like in the Olympics.

2. Observe how with ease a swahili lady grates a coconut using that implement called mbuzi and you might be led to wrongly think that it's an easy thing to do. But it is an other thing they do that wows me. One recipe for, I think, biriani dish is cooked pawpaw, raw or half rippen. How is the pawpaw prepared? By peeling off pasta-thin strands, some women can peel even thinner strands!, halafu the strands are sometimes tens of feet in length and of uniform thickness! The dexterity necessary to do this... Aai! Hawa watu have all the time in the world to do some extraordinary stuff in the name of cooking mapochopocho!

3. Wamama wa Western. Hapo zamani nilifikiri ni WaJaluo, but as time went by nilikuja kujua hata Wabaluhya Wakisii na kinamama kutoka Uganda also do this. Smoking a cigarette, usually Rooster, from the burning end. Yaani, the burning end in the tightly shut mouth. Halafu kasigara kanakaa mdomoni for hours na hakazimiki! Didn't fire require adequate oxygen to continue burning? Or does the laws of science just change when you get to the Western Kenya?

4. Makanika wa Ngirogoni. Yaah, Yaah!! I know they are a hated lot because they are thieves and all. But those who still own those zamani cars that use carburettors... An easy word to pronounce, isn't it! But wacha nikwambie, carburettors are very complicated. Halafu they are made of so tiny and very many parts that all look similar hata ukiangalia hivi ikiwa imebomolewa unaona marudurudu. But akina Njoro, wale makanika wa zamani lakini, can reassemble a dismantled carburettor hata akiwa amepiga keg vikombe sita na bangi msokoto, na hio gari ikaguruma one kick. Yaani mpaka "it burns ash"!

Wewe jaribu any of these if you think it's easy.

What awes you?
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Men can't multitask women do it with ease.
Women can't read a map. Ment do it with eyes shut.
Kweli, hapo kwa map umenikumbusha mbali.

In primo we used to play a game with world map (Atlas) - group ya watu tano. First, we elect one of us to begin the game. The person would pick a name (country, city, ocean or other geographical features) and ask the team members to locate it in the map. The first person to get it was to be awarded points equivalent to the letters in the name, they would then ask a question to the team....and on. This made us to know many places in the world.

There was a time we searched for 'Mississippi' the whole day. Hiyo jina ilikuwa imefichwa, covering several states the way the river meanders.