Smsung fridge makes a popping sound


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Wakubwa my samsumg fridge model:
rr23j3146s8 inatoa a popping sound ata nimestuka had to switvh it off what might be the reason to this. Its still new btw around 6months old.


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I'm no fundi, but I've worked on a fridge before.
There being no audio of the popping sound, I'll only have to guess the problems. And they could be anything from a screw that came loose in the back and fell into the pan/sump to blocked piping.

Be more specific. Where does the sound come from? What side of the fridge, yaani.


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Thermostat switching on or off when it achieves the set temperature.
Mine takes a lot to get used to especially in the quiet of the night when it's heard all over the whole house.
And it's also a Samsung so it isn't a coincidence.
Include Hotpoint, used to wonder imeharibika haraka aje