So Apparently the Lord returns On September 23rd 2017

I'm do not conform to any religion; I believe in spiritualism. In any case, I'm well acquainted with the Quran and Bible, and the message is the same. Problem comes to people's interpretation and coming up with doctrines, which they anoint and corrupt, and condemn anyone who seeks to be good without them.

Anyway before I start explaining my beliefs and complicating matters, lately I have been seeing a lot of posts on my TL and YouTube recommendations on videos and theories about the world ending next week. Not that I believe them, but I keep wondering, why would a Christian be scared about when it ends? In any case, Christ told people to be vigilant and emphasized on developing a personal relationship with God. Being a Christian alone means nothing, it's what you do as a person. Again, why are Christians so scared of Jesus' return? You should be celebrating!