So @T.I.G of late u hv not bn active...tell us whats up?

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Well, thanx for recognizing i hv bn away...Welll as u know i am currently still in Europe..ka tour tour hivi mdogo b4 i rudi to the comfort of my Kitsuru Kitsuru residence hivi..

So tell us TIG..we missed u!! and u know the nxt Qtn is ...unarudi lini? hehehe thats a tricky Q.coz we got thugs in here who can see the date am arriving alafu they plan a robbery at JKIA talking about chokoraz like @uwesmake, @Tommy Lee Sparta, @Davidee..etc etc but nt to worry TIG already organized security 2 receive him at the boys @junkie and @highschooler will be around..lead security.... Do u hava ana qtn pliz?

Yes TIG we have ana Qtn..why is it that u seem to have a problem with @purr27 ..this is a gal u once said ni wa mtaa yenyu Parklands/westi bt offlate u been attacking a bitch..kwani alikukataa Lola style nini? talk 2 us TIG

U just had 2 bring this one up..didnt u? Well 2 start with who is purr27? me personally i dont tambua this bitch,,who was she in Klist? a nobody ...right? Did u ever see me flirting with her in Klist..neva.....Yes she got my attn when she said she lives in parkie but buda am a kitusuru guy,,,to me Purr is jus a chokosh in my eyes..pleasee ask me nxt qtn am pissed off.nigani annoyed

TIG last Qtn...where is jakenya? please tell us TIG

TF shud i know where jakenya is? niggazni maswali mmekosa umbwa nyiyyi..

Okay TIG..our apologies...aki more last qtn..ya mwisho pliz...umedinya madem wangapi Klist na ukiweza give us the names not the type to kiss n tell bt if u wanna here is the list

Wamum (hadi kwa mkia)
Kelis Minaj (sweet)
Ladytee (Blojo)
Labelle (Anal)
Cherie (Hadi kwa mkia)

and many more...# i need 2 sleep..baadaye
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