Which shows won't be a let down by end of the season

  • Mr.Robot

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • Arrow

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Flash

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Legends of Tomorrow

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Supernatural

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • Southpark

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • The Mick

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Lucifer

    Votes: 5 41.7%
  • Lethal Weapon

    Votes: 2 16.7%

  • Total voters


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This the time the silver screen tries its best to flex the writting muscles of their writing blocks and most cases end up looking like shows supported by scripts from wattpad
anyways lets make it interesting vote for your show now or before its third episode airing- after that i will close the poll and we wait and see till 2018 who actually have a knack for sensing bullshit from a mile away
kwanza first off in my list is arrow....the flashbacks are shit that happened last season...
then am sure macgvyer is next ...the plot is weak its sad even the character doesn't shine plus they have that guy that bombed Rush Hour...its a question of when and not if it will cancel(not even on this list btw LOL!)
Shannara Chronicles bure kabisa sijui kwa nini but i wont be surprised i drop it before the third episode
We are not limited to the list but if you fall schedule imeanza kushika poa but if you like me second guessing why am still watching the blacklist....shit has lost all meaning its a kick to the balls- spinning me the bs history btwn her and red in every episode
f**k that shit and stick to the the list stick to it goddammit
anyways this joint has me lit do take pu**y shots over here nigga


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hebu explain what you tryna flex with cuz i got 3tb of cloud storage and imejaa
so if its quality the smallest size files ni cartoons za 20mins

and you can't flexx on my rep cuz i have shown it here before
so only shit i see here is sad man really no games but all that pron...fucking sad bruh..wank pole pole ukufe...f**k even cuphead runs on any comp ...mi hucheka madem kuwa na i7 lapi and she does is social media and watch shit its ...imagine kurealise the male version of it is a wanking beta can't even make it to troll....f**k bruh for real all that pron- unistall life.exe cuz that is one sad library ..not even a documentary like i have seen the rock bottom of the male species in one screenshot....
KIll ya self ,cuz nigga you been killing your sperm for a min
i mean a lot of one mins
Boss unaleta story za kucatch ukitusiwa kwani unadhani uko fb group unabonga na dem...nimethrow shade...pack and go ama slug it out


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Meffi thread closed
People still voting you know anything else apart from pron maaa that salt couldn't let you get elevated but still going for that mutambo reach yet you know your midget ass couldnt grab your micro dic so go to piss like a bitch nigga you are...


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Someone pris tlanslate what this retarded Greek speaking piece of defacate is mumbling
Damn son what pron got those lines....fucking lame tryna act like incoherent am yet its your dumb ass that came in this thread -fucking weak bruh...that what you troll with... Well at least you ain no archeologist imagine you translating ancient texts but as I said your I.q and technique
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