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So who used to be a smallville fan?


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Karisto nimekashikisha this week, maybe I'm a little broken but this shit is funny as hell. Ati Chloe Sullivan ni kasheito lol. And all through the stupid show I was actually rooting for her, ten years worth of tv down the shitter. Goes to show, if they're on tv, they're satan worshipping filth and you should just write them off. Gasp! Does that mean pia Rupatiri ni kasheito? Today's philosophical pub argument..



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Season 3 ep 1, where he learnt to fly for the first time. That was the only part I liked. That show was g** to death!
Half the script was mentioning each other's names.

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Never watched it but najua the whole script how it's supposed to play out. I am DC junkie