So why did Trump pull back from a strike on Iran?


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His own Generals were against any aggression as they weren't sure how Iran would react and they told him face to face as much.
He chose to ignore the advice of the hawkish Bolton and useless Pompeo.
Whether Putin called we don't know.
But thing is, he had already ordered it which means he had disregarded the generals advice on that score. Military assets were already in place only for the thing to be called off.


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If Iran can shoot down a US drone in a fuzzy border area, they are likely to react more viciously if attacked directly. Trump’s Generals most likely estimated that such an attack would trigger an all-out-war, something they are not yet prepared for. Despite the posturing from the United States, Iran has the capacity to deliver a few humiliating blows in the first stages of a conflict before the US summons all its resources. And again, it is almost a certainty that Iran is benefiting from valuable reconnaissance intelligence provided by its allies.

Tom logic

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It's was a good choice so attack with 150+ casualties would look like an overkill,given that Trump had already pointed out that no one was in the drone.And it would most certainly start war.
It is a high water-mark of his presidency,it was never too late to save 150 lives.Trump weighed all options,then made the right decision.
Btw hyo Stealth drone was not stealthy was it?US is getting conned by its own people on a few levels.