So why did Trump pull back from a strike on Iran?

Tom logic

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I think US is the provoker, clearly the drone violated Iranian airspace and was not in international airspace when it was shot down. The Iranians produced clear evidence of that, including the coordinates of the drone when it was shot down,and the location of the debris.
I also don't buy the lie that Iran was responsible for the attack on the oil tankers.
He needs congressional approval, get it? He won't get it because there's absolutely NO reason to fight. Iran is upset about the nuclear deal and that's one of the reasons that tensions have been rising, but there's absolutely no justification for war. That's what I told him (mentally)


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Trump asked Bibi netanyahu: Do you know how many Americans will die if i strike Iran?​
Bibi netanyahu to Trump: That is a sacrifice Israel is willing to Make.


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It's was a good choice so attack with 150+ casualties would look like an overkill,given that Trump had already pointed out that no one was in the drone.And it would most certainly start war.
It is a high water-mark of his presidency,it was never too late to save 150 lives.Trump weighed all options,then made the right decision.
Btw hyo Stealth drone was not stealthy was it?US is getting conned by its own people on a few levels.
Just like Gathica and Mwizi wa Shamba are shafting us on a daily basis!