Sober and Unbiased Analysis Required

The paragraph below is a post by one opposition supporter to one of their fb groups. I want members to analyze it as per the constitution and tell if the guy was just delusional or if he had a point.

My sincere advice to NASA supporters. It is evident that kikuyus are not for fair and free elections. Relax. DONT participate in the elections. Trust Maraga, Mwilu, Lenaola and Wanjala to hand over Power to speaker Muturi. Since Muturi was not elected by 2/3majority then Power Will shift to chief justice Maraga. Trust me under Maraga we will have free and fair elections with a reformed IEBC in 90 days.


Village Elder
Exercise of presidential powers during temporary incumbency.

134. (1) A person who holds the office of President or who is authorised in terms of this Constitution to exercise the powers of the President—
(a) during the period commencing on the date of the first vote in a presidential election, and ending when the newly elected President assumes office; or
(b) while the President is absent or incapacitated, or at other times contemplated in Article 147 (3),
So wakatae kupiga, JP yote watokezee, then wakuje kulia the elections were rigged cause of there's high votes for UK. Ukikataa kujitokeza vote for RAT itatokea wapi?:D:D:D it's interesting vile wamesema Kikuyus hapo juu JP ni Kikuyu tupu na hakuna Kyuks in opposition? What a lovely nation, aye?:rolleyes: