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Forget it with HP. the cartridges are intentionally made to fail early so that you keep buying them and the machine knows when they fail. HP has the best printing quality though, especially with original cartridge. Epson has the technology you are asking for up there and for a small price, you have such a printer with external cartridges.
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Simply plug it into a power outlet, switch the machine on, let it do its self test then when the indicator turns green, open the printer head compartment then kojolea. Problem solved bila guru. Thank me later.


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@Davidee...have seen it working somewhere only that the guy asked for so much to do the same...
@Ingia...if no help is forthcoming then i will get me an Epson L210 going for 22k hapo olx

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the setup is called "continuous" from the look an not sure if your printer is the type to support that. will check more tomorrow.
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