Some Music. It's Sunday, So You Might As Well.



Some things about hitting [redacted]... gets difficult to find music you enjoy because your favourite artists either stopped rocking or tried to ape new cool kid styles to stay relevant, consequently sounding meh; then introspective baths and shits; and lastly, a stark inability to rank above 400 globally in fighting games.

The consolation is there's still more old music out there to be discovered.

Try it Out (Neon Mix) (Skrillex ft Alvin Risk)
Beat dropped harder than E. Passaris' IQ when she went into politics.

The Calling (TheFatRat ft Laura Brehm)
I just found out this is what the Cool Kids of the Interwebs call EDM.

Dressed in Black (Sia)
There is some crazy Sia Therapy happening on the last ~3 minutes of this song.

Imperfection (Evanescence)
What Evanescence sounds like but... less metallic? I'm glad they still sound like this but... I don't know.

Last, because site restrictions, is a lady rapping along like some kind of rap gawd.

Good Afternoon.