Somebarry wish me happy birthday before siku iishe..

It has been an interesting day today. First I woke up earlier than usual. I had no clue today was my bdae lakini Equity hawawezi nisahau. Wao ata ndio waliniamsha na message ya happy bday. God bless mwangi's soul. Anatambua mbirrionaire.

Anyway, I fix up some breakfast on my kameko. I am yet to identify a suitable cooker for my kitchenette. I prop myself behind my desk and turn on my computers ili kitunguu inukie kwangu.

After awhile messages start streaming in. I put my phone on silent because they were a bit distracting. However, later on when I turned on the screen i saw an interesting message from an unexpected texter.

A girl I used to know back in the day but things sort of went sideways. She tells me that her friend had been telling her of a guy she had met somewhere and surprise surprise! When she showed her a picture she was shocked that it was me. She tells me ati she heard I have a nice place and she would love to come over.

Now guys, tukisema kunguru, this is the girl I usually have in mind. Pretty young thing with a face and body to die for. Delicious shierro that would put our very own slay queen to shame na hizo 5k followes huko IG.

This fyne ghel was manipulative and conniving but I saw her for what she was and hence the splitting of ways albeit amicably. We slowly lost contact with each other. She was really good at stealing guys her friends were interested in as she was trying to do now.

Ata kama my lower head inalilia haki yake I definitely know better. Hii ni present siwezi could be a Pandora's box na right now I don't need drama in my life.

Anyway, I will be accepting gifts in terms of KCr ama mpesa...hehehe:D:D:D:D

Ps...Liverpool ikamuliwe tafadhali na hoffeinheim