Somebody Please Get Me This!!

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With the shillings that I earn at the Indian's place, it'll take me at least the whole of this year, spending on essentials only and saving the remaining cash, to get this phone. But it would be an insult to the Kenyan economy to walk around with a $750 phone and live in a bedsitter.

So the best thing I can do is to let the billionaires in this platform have ideas of how to spend their extra cash, while I just salivate for it. Screenshot_20170107-130643.png

Ladies n gentlemen, introducing Xiaomi Mi Mix. Ok, I know some of you "waliona tukiwa tunavaa ngotha ya cowboy"


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will be obsolete in a year. ni kama wale wasee waliuza kidney to buy ipads, Who still talks of Ipads?


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Funny how I like cheap phones. I cant imagine spending over 10k on a phone...what for? Most people who have phones worth more than 10k NEVER use the extra features of those phones. Unless you work in tech, I dont see how anyone needs a phone worth more than 10k...honestly.
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