Sometimes we should be proud as Kenyans.


Village Chief
The Japanese have refused a ban on plastics. They are very resistant to any ban.

You see in Japanese culture wana kausafi kengine abnormal.

Mtu akienda supermarket a Japanese expects to find EVERYTHING wrapped away from GERMS preferrably tripple wrapped in plastic!!

Even tough fruit and product like oranges, bananas, carrots, pineapple, coconut, avocado, malenge...

Sasa malenge mtu ana wrap ya nini? Ni germs gani hizo zinaweza ingia hio ngozi?

In fact in Japan being wrapped in plastic symbolises WEALTH on top of cleanliness.

And because wako na kamaringo fulani, they don't recycle plastic like Kenyans. It's kinda beneath them. Ni kama kurecycle germs.

So, after a Japanese customer buys a product he or she then finds the packing girl who is wearing very thick plastic gloves ndio asimwekee germs. Na amevaa mask asipulizie germs. Na hizo gloves atatupa after dakika chache juu huku ni Japan...

The already covered product is then thrown into a sterile polythene zile clear halafu sasa unawekewa kwa main shopping plastic carrier. Halafu pale entrance the Japanese govt. provides FREE extra large sterile paperbags in every supermarket for personal use!

Part of free things in Japan. Japan is now at the same level in plastic pollution with the U.S and akina Germany. They do not want to admit it but they are overwhelmed by plastic.

So in a way President Uhuru Kenyatta and his govt. wamejaribu pakubwa. Tukiongeza recycling plants na kila mtu aondoe taka taka yake tumepita these highly polluting developed countries with their insane fear of germs.


Village Chief
:D:D:D Like any good imperialist Japan is very notorious for dumping their plastic waste in poor countries like China and other sweatshop countries with lax govts.

Over a million tonnes of Japanese plastic waste is dumped annually in China!!

China wamesema wamechoka na kutupiwa takataka.