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Son arrested in probe on Kiambu murder mystery of five family members


Village Elder
A son to a couple which was killed in cold blood together with three others in Karura area, Kiambu county was on Friday arrested as a suspect into the incident.

Police said they arrested the son identified as Lawrence Warunge after he went missing since Tuesday when his parents, two brothers and a worker were brutally murdered at their home.

Lawrence, a university student in the city, was initially thought to have gone to school but it was established he was not there.

His mobile phone signal was traced to Naivasha and it is not clear how and why.

It was later traced to Thika and later to Kabete area.

Police said the suspect went to a relative’s home in Ngongoro area to seek refuge there before they were alerted Friday night.

And when he was arrested, he told police his parents were “satanic and cruel” to him.
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