Sonko big guns (Statehouse)


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Enyewe 90 percent of Kenyans are low IQ baboons who fall for cheap p.r stunts. Hamna akili nyinyi? Brare fucking!!!! Ati Sonko for president! Wacha nicheke :D:D:D:D:D
This ninja will run again for Governor and WIN outright, alot of Kenyans were saying then, are still saying now, exactly what you are saying and guess what, Sonko proves them, you included, wrong EVERYTIME.
From when he crushed Ndolo and RIP d*ck Wathika in Makadara on a Narc-Kenya ticket after RAO/ODM denied him audience, to when he ran for Senator, then for Governor. Seems there's something he's doing right and is very tangible to the low IQ voter you're talking about.
Though hapo kwa being PORK itakua ngumu kidogo.
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Shida ya sonko getting the pork vote ni venye he doesn't have audiences in ushago...otherwise is the best among the worst who are all vying