sonko should do this


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Ground level pedestrian lights
There has been a rise in the number of accidents involving foot traffic since the use of smartphones has increased. An innovation in transportation technology is a system that can be installed at pedestrian traffic lights that would light up the pavement in red or green to signal when it is safe or not safe for pedestrians to cross the street safely.
no one really cares about maskini till it happens to one of them..Kama sisi tunaishingi kungoja mdosi mmoja abondwe kwa hizi zebra crossing ndio midrocrass waanzishe hashtag ya weareone or heshimupedestrian
Hehe.. This are first world problems. Sisi tuko fourth world. You are more likely to have that phone snatched out of your hands than get run over walking across the road. Case closed.


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this is what i call enabling behaviour; where you try to work around stupidity rather than tackle it head on and getting rid of it.