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Over the years i have watched so many Tv series.....from the 24, PB, BrBa (which is among my favs) bt SOA....sons of anarchy is by far a series i highly rank.
The creator Kurt sutter really has a crazy imagination from the club SAMCRO....sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Redwood Original to the logos and the characters. Z.jpg
I so much liked Jax tellers style ruthless bt soft at heart......I was devastated by Opie...."i got this" killing from the series and Tara in season 6.....was it??? I had a serious crash for Tara aka maggie siff

The consipracy to take clay morrow down was an epic idea which i never thought will come to happen!
Av watched all the 7 seasons plus the extra videos including the making and a must say its impressive.....all the characters are riders with their own bikes!
The last scene of season 7 made me almost shed a wz a bitter ending and the possibility of it ever returning was clearly expressed!
Any talker whose watched this might understand what am taking about........
Last scene season 7.... 2Q==(1).jpg

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Just started watching, season 2 en nice. Am intrigued by the fact that they have their own backdoor court room where they talk en vote on the best way foreward. meet the grimm ripper!

Youve got a long way to go and i envy you!
It gets better as it goes.....sorry for any spoiler alerts!

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i watched the whole of it so diligently I wish I could replicate this diligence to other important stuff.

Got to say SOA comes closest to reality than anything else I've watched, the deception is as real as it gets. Jema killing Tara was just wrong and the cover-up wicked, the end of it was so tragic when Jacks kills the big black guy then crashing into @Ka-Buda's truck. Great series


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Thanks for this info. Currently am watching the blacklist season 2. One of the guys in pic 2 features in 2 episodes of season 2.(Mr Braxton). Will definitely watch. Seven seasons? Sijui nitaimaliza when.


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man i looved this show.jax was a real man.sad he had to meet mr mayhem at the end and that he kills the mom.he couldnt live with what he had done


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really enjoyed the series, I remember my bro pushing me to watch it and I used to wonder what good could come out of a biker series,
but by yhr time I was sn2 I used to watch every night na naendelea kesho yake kwa ofisi.
sad ending though
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