Sony, HTC , LG

What happened to these three brands of phones?
There was a time all these three were very big in the smart phone industry. Nowadays they are just shells of their former selves. Kwanza Sony na HTC.


Village Elder
HTC ni lack of innovation so there has been nothing to set their phones apart in the recent years despite the sky high prices they demand, their last best phone was the m8. plus google also bled engineers from htc for their pixel line so htc ni shell tu imebaki... As for sony their phones are just fine but the pricing is insane, nobody buys sony when there are relatively cheaper and better samsungs and chinese brands. LG shida ni their phones dont stand out from other phones


Village Elder
LG and Sony are still very much alive. Infiniks Na tekno ndio zilijazwa in the market mpaka zikafanya kuonekane kama hakuna simu zingine. It's just HTC that's nowhere to be seen.