Sound system


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Nataka a budget speaker,for a small house(bachelor),with some good base na music clear
Budget 8K
Any suggestions and leads will be appreciated
Venye @Eng'iti na @Colombo-Combolo wamesema, creative ni poa sana na ni quality alafu long lasting ata utaachia vipy wakishakuwa watumiage na PS kwa room zao :)
Me too this were my second speakers and i have never looked back, when i upgrade i end up giving away the ones that i have because this things dont spoil, they are there with you and sound quailty is top, even if ur using a phone mulika mwizi


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Checked out the creative speakers. 5.1 is good. Used the smaller 2.1 back in Cole. The downside I see Haina Bluetooth nor flashport