Spain Catalonia seccesion Referendum


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Spain has no options here other than give concession that provide Catalonia with freedom while they are still by association part of spain. Two state solution like england, scotland and wales. If they continue been stubborn, ETA might come out of its retirement and bombings restart.

Barcelona's La Liga match against Las Palmas will go ahead behind closed doors, the club confirmed amid the controversial referendum on Catalonia's independence on Sunday.

Barcelona club officials met earlier today to decide whether the game at the Camp Nou Stadium should go ahead after clashes left hundreds of people injured as Spanish authorities continued to try to halt the vote.

The club said the game would go ahead in an empty Nou Camp because league officials refused to cancel the match, leaving thousands of fans outside.


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I stand corrected after reading about Basque country, they have all self determination from Spain. From parliament, language and self rule. Now they want the big one. Full independence.


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Following the developments in Spain and Iraq..... what of Puerto Rico and other colonies?
Just wondering where do you draw the line?
Will Iraq now use the Spanish model of violently crushing cessation? Because the Kurdis have already held their referendum and declared their independence.