Spark Plugs


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...could it be, one of the ignition coil isn't well fitted leading to the vibration and lack of power?
Some spark plugs come gapped and some are not. Some cars are sensitive to aftermarket spark plug wires and coils. The engineers have selected that oem to fit your motor for a reason. And if they updated, utaambiwa. It's really beneficial ukifuata forum za your vehicle. Engineers na enthusiasts hupatana huko.
Find out what was put in. Start there.
Hi i deal with denso iridium tt. I import them from california. Currently im selling them at 8k. Price is fixed. Incase you need then ill need your car model and Year of manufacture OR your engine model. Spark plugs vary with heat ranges not the usual local mechanic stories of pin and thread size only. Call me up 0722159696