Spice FM 94.4

Haha so ni mpya, just bounced on it early moring, SOUL MUSIC soul train is coming back, n the selection was good nikasangaa why have never tuned in, If u like Old school Soul try it, frequecy bado sinjui


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Only legends remember the golden age of FM Radio... hip-hop pale Metro FM and akina Muthoni Bwika not to forget Talia Night nurse at Nation FM alafu reggae mambo byad with John Karani English service (KBC!). Capiroo on the other hand was that cool kid who allowed us to sample rock, Hits not Homework and Neo-Soul on Sunday afternoons...

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Hiyo site ya NRG radio ndio nimekwama sikuhizi, their different genre of Mixes is just unigue.

These guys came from nowhere, copied Homeboyz radio and outdid them vibaya sana.


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Classic 105 wako na ujinga. If they claim to play classics, why dont they move with the times? in 2019, music produced between 1995 and 2015 is old school music, irregardless of the genre. Hao wamekwama 80's. I suspect the guy doing the selection is an old gukaa who has never been fired. Useless music.


I am looking for an online link for this station,anyone got it?I hope the guys keep it that way