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  1. aly07t

    aly07t New Villager

    Dear sports fans,

    I work for a brand new sportsbetting project dedicated to Kenyan sports and betting enthusiasts. We want to make sure we develop a website you will love using and, in order to do so, we'd like to run a few user tests.

    We are looking for a few volunteers that we could speak to, present our product and ask for feedback. We will reward your help and honest feedback with 1,500 KSh in your M-Pesa account. Note though that we have a few testing requirements, including having a good internet connection for taking a hands-free call with us and speaking good English.

    If interested please use the following link to read the detailed list of requirements and submit your interest: goo.gl/forms/FbXPux7jaiJl0TKx1

    Many thanks!
  2. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    Do you own a Facebook account?
  3. denis young

    denis young Village Elder

    Singemind kufanya user testing but for a betting company you are paying peanuts. Double the pay.
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  4. aly07t

    aly07t New Villager

    That's strange, the link works for me. Just copy-paste in into your address bar and try maybe adding www. in front of it?
    I do have a personal Facebook account, but it's not really relevant for our user testing.
    Finally, we're not a sportsbook and i'm afraid we aren't able to offer higher rewards.
  5. Nyadist

    Nyadist Village Elder

    Hio pesa ni kidogo zaidi.. Siwes fanya.
  6. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    So what exactly are you doing if you're not a bookie? I'm not clicking that since I'm teamSiwesscric so tell us here what it is that it is that you do.
  7. aly07t

    aly07t New Villager

    We're a website for sports and betting fans. That's all i can say for now, and that's because we're trying to collect first impressions through our tests without revealing too much.
    By the way, I am happy to share the link once we're done with the tests so you can check it out too.
  8. Duke of Busia

    Duke of Busia Village Elder

    this exactly how betting sites and gambling companies recruit so called jackpot winners
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  9. 10000 OTHERS

    10000 OTHERS Village Elder

    Ati Inaitwo nni hio site
  10. aly07t

    aly07t New Villager

    @Duke of Busia, not sure how gambling companies run their business in Kenya - what you say sounds pretty bad to be honest