SQL Injection & DDOS attack: Ventsiri vs *** at war again.

Source: Mharo

Once again Kenya's fastest growing anonymous website *** has been attacked.

A malicious SQL script was injected to the site. The script would endlessly duplicate comments (See screenshots).

It's suspected that the attack was planned by the admin of the rival site ventsiri.com based on the comments posted. This is yet to be confirmed.
Speaking to Mpasho over the phone, *** admin popularly known as Liz said the situation is under control. She however hinted that an upgrade on the security features are underway. She thanked anonymous members who voluteered to code a counter script.

Efforts by Mpasho to get in touch with ventsiri admin were futile as he refused to comment on the issue.

https://mpasho.co.ke/category/exclisives/mpashoinvestigates/SQL-Injection-DDOS attack


I used to think the site has no admin like many others. I have just seen the changes! reCaptcha and Profanity filter added! Necessity is the mother of invention. But hiyo story ya Ads, i dont know how users will welcome it! It was not there before!

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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!