Stabiliser bar


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...a friend confided on how he removed his stabiliser bar and stabiliser link on an NZE because it was noisy on corrugated roads. I thought it was a lie because he later sold it. Today on checking one of his friends fielder, we found this bar missing.

My Wonder is, since stabiliser bar is the anti roll bar, how safe is it to drive a car with these components removed?

What other components that are fitted by manufacturers but Kenyans find them useless apart from thermostat and catalytic converter?
Aircon. Cannibalized to fit the obnoxiously loud airhorns.
isn't it very risky to do that. what about being prone to tyre bursts?
The trick is kama gari inavuta na za mbele nunua mpya za mbele....hizo usiweke za mkamba. I only applied that to my rear wheels and i can assure you they never burst .Depends on which tires they were because i only did that to pirelli.