Staff Training.........Please Help


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As usual because we are Kenyans, my boss has just discovered we have a training budget we have not exhausted (no external training actually happened during the year), therefore a training for guys above supervisor cadre on leadership, and another on sales, on the cards before end of November or early december.

We have quotes from various training companies but these are just exorbitant, to say the least. Someone mentioned that we can get the trainers directly because most of the training companies actually outsource these guys......they are not on payroll. So the consulting company makes us pay for its overheads then it pays the trainer maybe per day.

Guys, I need you to advise me how these guys are paid by the training companies(consultancies) per day or session, so then when I get them I know how to pay them. How much do these companies pay them per day for instance.......someone please help.