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  1. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Kuuliza si ujinga! Is Uhuru inviting watu wa mashinani to state house? How do I get the invite guys?

    Heavy traffic! Done eating my m&m's
  2. culture

    culture Village Elder

  3. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    Maybe if you promise not to ask for 3K!
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  4. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

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  5. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Yeye napea hadi kwa... as long as he eats it raw!
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  6. culture

    culture Village Elder

    you like it raw ata kwa mkia??
  7. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    Ngoja @spear apelekee Maggie hii story. Utajua haujui.
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  8. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    What concerns you in State House?
  9. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    I just want an invite... cc @spear
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  10. SnazzyKenyan

    SnazzyKenyan Village Elder

    Kazi itafutwe

    INSERTER Senior Villager

    You`ve been a bad girl.Meet me in my office.
  12. Slim_fit

    Slim_fit Village Elder

    speaking of statehouse road..mwenye anaishi around hapo rent inarange mangapi? natafuta kanyumba