Status Symbol

Azor Ahai

Neo Unplugged
I'm kinda high so I will tell you something most negroes will never admit.

Biachez are a status symbol. The nigga with the hottest biachez in the club is the real G.

I used to roll with a certain crew back in the day. The fkaz were 2,3,4 times richer than me. But guess what, those fakaz had respect for me because I brought something they couldn't.....biachez :D

If you can't bring money, bring biachez. Make yourself useful in some way.


Uncle Ahai.
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Azor Ahai

Neo Unplugged
We all knew you were kinda into men buying u pilsners and shit, but we never imagined it was a threesome or foursome orgy
Mtu wa kumwaga ndani let me educate you kid. Men live in a merit-based society. If you need to roll with a crew of a higher socioeconomic status, you have to provide value hata kama sio pesa. Usually its drugs or biachez.

#In every situation, make yourself useful/indispensable.